Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Is Europe opening its doors to terrorists?

Hundreds of thousands of humans are fleeing the Middle East for Europe. How many of them are potential terrorists? 

The picture of a washed up 3 year old boy on a beach in Turkey has the world talking about the biggest mass-movement of humans the world has seen since World War 2. 

Former Prime minister Tony Abbot announced last week that Australia would accept 12,000 refugees from terrorist plagued Syria.  

To many, this is not enough. For others, it's 12,000 lives saved. To me, it's potentially thousands of terrorists provided free passes into our country.  

I didn't realise this until my brother in law pointed it out to me, but in all the pictures and videos I've seen of refugees fleeing to train stations in Europe, the high majority are men. Young men. Where are the older men, women and children? 

There were even groups of male refugees throwing food and water away when handed by Hungarian police who were providing what you'd think was a basic necessity to group of fleeing refugees. Since when do refugees throw away food and water?

The stats are more than interesting. According to the United Nations Human Rights Commission, Mediterranean Sea refugees are predominantly male. In fact just 13 per cent are women and just 15 per cent are children. This leaves the remaining 72 per cent of refugees to be male. 

Compare that to the ratio of men to women fleeing other parts of the Middle East. 49.5 per cent are male and 50.5 per cent female with 38.5 per cent of these people being children. 

So while the west opens its doors to persecuted families fleeing Iraq and Syria, how many of those fleeing are actually families? Based on the above stats, not many. It is largely men seeking refuge from Syria.  

Which begs the question: Why are so many men fleeing ISIS controlled Syria? 

Do they lack the courage needed to  flee their homeland with their women and children or is something more sinister leaving Syria, bound for arch enemy; Europe?  

ISIS has reportedly warned us that they are smuggling thousands of terrorists into EuropeWhat better and easier way to do it than by dressing them up as refugees? But if in fact thousands of these so called refugees are in fact terrorists in disguise, are they beginning to blow their cover?  

The Daily Mail in the UK reports that Syrian refugees has turned the Greek island of Lesbos into a “war zone” and refugees in Hungary taunted police with Islamic chants of “Allahu Akbar”. Hungarian television network M1 reported last week: 

 “Islamic terrorists, disguised as refugees, have shown up in Europe… Many who are now illegal immigrants fought alongside Islamic state before.” 

Another telling factois that nearby Islamic countries won't take any refugees from Syria, citing the risk of terrorism as a key reason. Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Qatar, Pakistan, Kuwait, Bahrain and the UAE have all locked their doors for security reasons.  

While the latte sipping humanitarians of the west berate western leaders for the quota of  refugees they allow into their countries, maybe they could consider, over a cappuccino, why these Middle Eastern Islamic countries are not taking any people in. Terrorism is a serious threat from the latest people movement to Europe.  

There is an argument that Syrian men are fleeing their homeland in order to establish a better economic life for their family, which would follow them to Europe once said better life is established.  

Given the state of Syria, I'm not sure how any man could leave his family behind. Secondly, accepting economic refugees on mass is a social issue in itself. It is a band-aid fix to a larger problem and will never address the underlying issues that cause people to flee for prosperity. 

Ironically, the pictures of the 3 year old boy found dead on a Turkish beach was the catalyst for a global cry to help refugees fleeing fSyria for their lives. Yet this boy was on route to Canada for economic reasons and his father had rejected Turkish offers of citizenship.

As tragic as his death is, and the photos were absolutely heartbreaking, the case that caused the world to stir didn't actually have anything to do with Syrians fleeing ISIS and the Assad regime. And now western leaders have arguably been pressured into allowing thousands of Syrian men into western countries, of which, quite conceivably, many are entering as disguised terrorists.  

While we as humans have an obligation to look after the under privileged and poor, we can't do this recklessly. The underlying issues causing people to flee their homelands needs to be addressed rather than band-aid fixed by accepting millions of refugees. 

The issue of potential deaths from allowing terrorists into western countries also needs to be heavily considered. We may be saving lives now, but we may also be setting up the deaths of hundreds of thousands or millions of others through future terrorism.

Of course, the high majority of those fleeing may be legitimate refugees, but the issue of taking in asylum seekers  deserves more thought than many are giving it. 

All the best 

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