Friday, 28 August 2015

What do we stand for?

I've always considered creating a satirical blog. One that takes the piss out of the mess Western society is in. You know, talk about how every white person is racist, anyone who disagrees with you is an offensive bigot, or that even though I am biologically a man, if I feel like a woman, you WILL recognise me as a woman. 

Maybe I could start with this: 

"A charity fun run that invited men to dress up as women is being investigated by police after a transgender charity claimed the dress code constituted a hate crime."

Wouldn't be a bad start except for the fact it's not satire. This is the leading sentence of this article in The Telegraph earlier this week. 

If it's messed up enough that a bunch of blokes would want to do a public fun run as cross-dressers, what is it when they're under police investigation for a "hate crime" by a group of transgendered cross-dressers?

Seriously, the Western world has lost the plot. 

As a society in the 21st century, collectively, what common good are we aiming for? What do we stand for that is sustainable? 

Firstly, let's define sustainable. I'm using the term in relation to societal values and morals that do not contradict themselves or collapse in on themselves. Sustainable values are inherent. They provide a springboard to a wholesome, virtuous society.

As most would know, Western society was founded on Christian principles. Prior to the secularisation of the Western world, citizens shared a common purpose or goal, that being to follow and please God or some form of higher spiritual being. For centuries generations shared this common purpose, much to societies' benefit. 

Enter the secularisation of Western culture and the reduction of Christian values. In its wake; a path of social breakdown, broken families, broken marriages and lost individuals. It's no hidden fact that issues like clinical depression, suicide and divorce have increased substantially during the time of secularisation. Whether there is a correlation might be the topic of a future post. Let's say for now, I believe there is. 

So back to the question; what do we stand for?

In my opinion, we have largely forgotten what we stand for. We (Western society) are forever chasing our tail trying to find meaning and substance and some form of higher spiritual being. 

This is exemplified by a mainstream media that has all but forgotten religion, especially Christianity, yet runs front page headlines such as "Our thoughts and prayers are with you" when a prominent member of the public tragically dies. Why prayers if religion is for those stuck in the 1950s?

Now, most secularists will tell you that they stand for fairness and equality for all. Egalitarianism is their higher spiritual being and includes so called social progressive ideologies such as gender equality, "progressive feminism", transgender equality, animal rights and indigenous recognition.

Are any or all of these what we now stand for? Are these movements sustainable?
Is women's rights and the so called "progressive feminist" movement what we stand for? Hard to believe this is sustainable when they're more worried about screaming "misogyny!" over a tampon tax than assisting women and children who are being brutalised by Islamic extremists they'd dare not call out. 

As Rita Panahi said in this excellent article in the Herald Sun this week:

"This month, IS murdered 19 female hostages who refused to submit to sexual slavery, and details emerged of a catalogue listing the prices and ages of children and women for sale. Girls aged between one and nine command the highest prices, followed by adolescent girls. Women older than 40 cost as little as $60.
You can be sure that if the evil perpetrated by Islamic State, al-Qaeda or Boko Haram was being done in the name of another religion or belief system, progressives, including feminists, would be clambering to denounce it. But the loud and proud haters in the modern feminist movement would rather don T-shirts emblazoned with F--- Tony Abbott instead of F--- IS. The latter would be unthinkable"
I can't see how progressive feminism is sustainable. 

What about human rights. Hard to believe so when animal rights seemingly trump human rights time and time again. Society's wrath is deafening when an elephant is shot for game, and is eerily silent to genuine human rights crises's such as Planned Parenthood videos showing "medical practitioners" harvesting human brains from unsuccessfully aborted embryos while claiming it is "cool" that a heart is still beating.

Maybe we stand for gender equality? Given we are on a path to neutralising gender via same sex marriage (mother and father will become parent A and parent B. Or as Ricky Martin tells his sons, he is both their mother and father), it doesn't appear likely "gender" equality will be sustainable. Hard to have gender equality if you don't have gender. 

Another bizarre gender equality position society rams down our throats is the supposedly crucial need for both women and men in the workforce. 

Many politicians and large corporates argue the importance of gender equality and 50/50 quotas of men and women in the workplace but they don’t advocate for gender equality and the importance of men and women in the institution of marriage – which naturally meets the 50/50 quota.

This is problematic if we're working out whether gender equality is sustainable. 

Transgenderism is the latest social complexity that has taken off like a fire in a barn. The number of patients undergoing transgender surgery at the Royal Melbourne hospital has increased from one person a year to 154 a year in the past decade. 

In response to the cross-dressing fun run in London, transgender support groups said it was "dehumanising" for runners to dress as women. Ironic from a group of people who, in my opinion, contribute to the dehumanisation of society by encouraging those that have genuine identity crisis to transgender. 

These people need the best psychological help they can get, not a clap on the back for turning from Bruce to Caitlyn. I can't see transgenderism being a sustainable common good in our society. 

Maybe we stand for the recognition of indigenous people. Not a bad thing in itself but hardly sustainable when public figures label everyone a racist if they boo an indigenous footballer, even if they boo for non-racist reasons. The racist card is thrown around almost as much as the bigot card and compromises the good the movement has achieved in genuine cases of racism.

By now you've probably cottoned on. 

It's ironic that the Western world largely shuns the very Christian principles that underpin it, while searching for meaning and a common good that Christian principles already provide. This search is conducted in trivial and hypocritical social movements such as those discussed above.

Sadly, the West is degrading the further it pulls away from its Christian principles. It is lost in a myriad of unsustainable social "progressions" and is  creating a deeper culture of unsustainable mediocrity. People are lost, both spiritually and mentally. 

If only this was a satirical post. 

All the best,


  1. This is quite an insightful (and rightly scathing) examination of the Western world's current and unsustainable social ideologies, Dom. The only way to reverse this problematic trend may be to remind people about the Christian ethics that underpin our society and thereby attempt to reshape our social practices in accordance with them.

  2. Thanks BB. I think you're right.