Thursday, 8 January 2015

12 more dead at the hands of a peaceful religion?

Another Islamic terror attack, another 12 innocent dead. And still, the world proclaims that Islam is a peaceful religion. 

I wrote recently, after the Sydney siege, about the head in the sand attitude of many, especially those in the media, with regard to Islamic extremism. While Man Monis held up the Lindt cafe donned in Islamic propaganda, and while the lives of 17 people hung in the balance, the world tweeted about fantasy bus rides with moderate Muslims. Two innocent people lost their lives in that siege and the attitude of many in the media and the wider public was that it had nothing to do with Islamic extremism. They argued it was simply some nutcase who had lost his mind and was craving attention.

It was convenient for these people to disregard the numerous websites Man Monis ran that allowed his 14,000 followers to read about his jihadist terror plans. It was somehow even more convenient to disregard the Islamic profession of faith he had wrapped around his forehead in the form of a headband as well as the fact he stated the siege was an ISIS attack on Australia. 

As it has been doing for the best part of a decade, the Western World buried its head in the sand to the tangible and in-our-face brutalities of Islamic extremism.

And then this morning came the news from Paris where three alleged Al-Qaeda fighters shot 12 people dead in cold blood for publishing satirical cartoons in a magazine. While the shooting spree unfolded, they allegedly shouted "Allahu Akbhar” and “the Prophet has been avenged".

The response from the White House:
"It's [Islam] a peacuful religion".
So peaceful another 12 people lost their lives to gunmen shouting out Islamic slogans. Islamic extremists are reeking havoc across the world, killing at will and our politically correct leaders are telling us their religion is a peaceful one. 

Could you imagine the world's reactions if one single Christian murdered someone due to a satirical, bad-tasting joke? 

As Matt Walsh wrote in an article in The Blaze today:
"Can you imagine Christian radicals committing mass murder at The Onion offices because they’re upset about something they found on its website? Can you even fathom such a thing? Probably not, because it never happens. It just never happens. And it’s not like Christians don’t have plenty of provocation. I still remember stumbling upon this lovely little gem from The Onion last year. It’s a hysterical article imagining that Jesus Christ, the Son of the Living God, became a prostitute to make ends meet. Haha?
This is the kind of thing Christians encounter all the time. Brutal mocking and ridicule dressed up as “humor,” but designed only to offend. There’s no wit, no punchline, just scorn heaped upon people of my faith. Kind of like this “Family Guy” episode, featuring an adulterous Jesus looking to have sex with a man’s wife. Or that hilarious “Curb Your Enthusiasm” episode a few years back where Larry David peed on a picture of Jesus. Or of course the famous “Piss Christ,” a crucifix dunked in a bottle of urine and passed off as art. Or the painting of the Virgin Mary smeared in elephant dung. Or “Dogma.” Or “The Da Vinci Code.” Or a thousand other examples. 
Yet nobody ever died because of any of that. And, oh man, if anyone did, can you imagine the backlash? Can you imagine the media reaction if just one Christian murdered just one person as a reprisal for some offensive joke or provocative cartoon? We’d be ready to ban the entire religion in this country.  
...Christians are held to such a high standard that even [their] extraordinarily rare killings, not even done in the name of the faith, and always condemned by nearly every prominent Christian, are cited in almost every conversation about religious violence. Meanwhile, Muslims just gunned down 12 people over a cartoon this morning, and what do we immediately hear? Islam is a religion of peace."
A fact we need to grasp is that Muslim extremists aren't crazy. Yes they're extremists but they're not crazy. They are methodical and they are following their violent religion to the extreme. A mate of mine made an interesting point this morning when he said:
"I believe the general population looks at these groups as crazy extremist. But the reality is, in most instances, they are not crazy. Its a clinical response in line with their world view. Much like our troops are not crazy when they kill ISIS fighters or Syrians or whoever. This makes it much more scary."
Yes there is an argument that the vast majority of Muslims are peaceful but when the Quran states that infidels are to be killed and Muslims do just that shouting out that their Prophet has been avenged, forgive me for thinking that the roots of Islamic faith are violent even if many chose to follow it peacefully. It's guiding light, the Quran, not only allows acts of violence, it promotes it.

The difference between Islam and say Christianity is that Islam has no leader. Unlike Christianity, specifically Catholicism, which has the Pope to guide the faithful through matters of faith and morals, Islam is every man for himself in so far as its faithful are free to interpret the Quran as they see fit. This is problematic when extremists interpret the killing of infidels literally.

I can't fathom why world leaders and sections of the media continue to defend Islam in the wake of more and more killings. My hunch is that the Western World is so scared of retribution from Islamic terrorists they blow smoke up their you know where in stead of facing the actual issue. 

We are not facing an armed enemy. We are facing an ideological one. So while we may not be seeing enemy tanks and artillery trucks on our shores, we are seeing much worse in the form of a violent ideology that is being backed by the very people it targets. It's mind blowing.

Until we wisen up and work out how to counter the massive problem that is Islamic extremism, we will continue to see people die in mass.

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