Thursday, 4 September 2014

It's all about the children right?

Channel 7's Sunday Night featured an interview last week on well known Sydney journalist, turned prostitute, Amanda Goff. During the interview, Goff talked about her reasons for becoming a high charging escort and how her new career was helping married clients be "better and happier husbands" and that it had helped her as she "became a more confident, more empowered woman".

When asked how her public revelation would impact her two kids at school, at which she volunteers in the tuckshop, Goff provided the following:
“I don’t think it’s such a big bloody deal...I know what kind of mother I am, I know my kids love me, warts and all."
Apart from feeling incredibly sorry for Goff for apparently being at the point of forcing herself to believe her own lies in order to satisfy her desired lifestyle, I can't help but shake my head and put this down as another example where a parent puts their own interests ahead of their children's.

If you asked every parent in the country whether they want the best for their kids, I think you'd find the unanimous answer would be 'yes'. Children are innocent and need all the love and care they can get right? Right?

Well I'm not so sure. As much as many try to convince the world they care for their children, many simply don't shelve their own interests to put their kids first. In fact, I'll go as far as saying that children are, in many situations, collateral damage to the selfish desires of their adult parents.

There are numerous examples of this. If anyone watched SBS's Insight on Wednesday night, you'd have seen a perfect example of the lack of consideration for surrogate children and all the consideration in the world for the parents who chose to undertake the surrogacy process. You'd think the baby Gammy situation would have opened our eyes up to the tragic consequences of commercial surrogacy. Well evidently not SBS's.

Insight ran an hour long, pro-surrogacy propaganda show where six couples spoke about their positive experiences with commercial and altruistic surrogacy. One critic was given all of two minutes to oppose the industry and we heard from no foreign surrogate mothers or any children. In fact, many people on Twitter were asking the extremely relevant question, "is anyone going to talk about the children?"

It was probably fitting that the voice of a single surrogate child was not heard as they clearly don't matter. I mean surrogacy blatantly uses children and reduces them to commodities anyway. Of course the parents will tell you it's all about bringing the child into a loving family but it's quite obviously more about parents who want to "achieve the dream others can with a night in the sack" as one Twitter user tweeted during the show.

You only had to watch the one surrogate mother, an Australian, break down in tears when she described what it was like to give up the baby she nurtured for nine months, and you'd have realised there is something very unnatural and wrong with surrogacy.

The language of the pro-surrogate parents proved to most that children are merely commodities to be bought at the right price. As one mother on Insight said:

"You can do it all for $75,000 all fees included".

Wow, I didn't realise kids were like an airfare; all taxes included.

There are many other examples in our society of children suffering at the selfishness of parents. The debate regarding the legalisation of same sex marriage largely focuses on the impact to children. Numerous studies have concluded children do better if raised by their biological, parents who are in a stable relationship (I have referenced one study, but am happy to provide more if anyone wants them). The majority of the pro-homosexual lobby will tell you that children don't need a mother and father to prosper.

I only need to look at my own upbringing and relationship with my parents to conclude that a child needs a mother and a father. There were certain behavioural traits and lessons I learnt from either my Mum or Dad that I couldn't have received from the other. You can tell me until you're blue in the face that a lesbian couple can provide a child masculine or fatherly characteristics from a close male friend or relative, or vice versa for two gay fathers. Again, there are character forming traits I learnt only from my Dad that I did not learn from numerous male family friends or uncles, so that argument is void.

Again, it's seemingly all about the adults to the detriment of the children. 

Earlier this year Belgium became the first country in the world to legalise Euthanasia for children. The law allows the taking of a child's life at any age as long as the child is in "great pain" and has parental consent. 

Instead of trying everything in our power to save the children by increasing the level of palliative and medical care, we are making it legal to kill them. Sorry, the terminology is "let them end their lives with dignity"; as if that makes the idea more palatable when it comes to a 3 year old.

This topic on children wouldn't be complete without considering the effects abortion  have on children. What always amazes me is the ease in which pro-abortion advocates state women's rights, yet never consider the right of the child.

In fact, abortion has very little to do with the child's rights. It has everything to do with whether that child is wanted or unwanted. For example, I've seen many news headlines when a pregnant mother tragically loses her baby in say a car accident. The headline reports the tragic loss of the "unborn baby". Take away the tragic car accident, if that mother is pregnant and doesn't want to keep the child, the baby is renamed to a foetus and simply terminated.

I've previously written about the state of political correctness in our world. Here's another example that directly, and tragically affected many children. It has recently been revealed that British Police ignored over 1,400 cases of group rapes and hideous other cases of sexual violence against vulnerable young girls 
during the course of the last fifteen years in the South Yorkshire town of Rotherham in the UK. All of the cases involved vulnerable girls either in Council care or inadequately protected by their families from gangs of sexual predators. 

The reason British Police ignored the children? They didn't want to be accused of being racist against ethnic minorities and Islam. Don't worry about the young girls though, they'll be ok. 

It's time to stop making excuses that foil our own desires. With regard to Amanda Goff, I actually do think it is a "big bloody deal" that she is volunteering at the same school her kids attend after publicly telling the world how much she sells her body for. And no, I doubt many people will agree that her children won't be affected, especially at school. The fact her own father publicly said she disgusted him might provide some sort of idea regarding the situation with her children.

When will the "Me Generation" stop putting themselves before all others, especially their own kids?

Children are the nucleus of the family and family is the nucleus of our community. They depend on us and we are obliged to do all we can to look after them and give them every opportunity at prospering.

It's time to open our eyes and change our attitudes to children.

All the best,
Dom Meese

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  1. Good blog Dom. We 've been long told about our culture giving in to widespread, endemic selfishness, narcissism etc and commercial ad campaigns know and exploit that.

    So its a bit rich when we complain or blame everyone else from poliiticians to other road users for the ills we suffer. Our kids and probably the next generation as well, will continue to pay a heavy price.

    Interestingly the Vatican forecast exactly such problems whilst trying to explain the evils of contraception to the materialistic post war world and also to dissenters - who think of themselves as Catholic but are a major part of the problem; the "house divided..." Too many including the Catholic bishops have lost their flavour if not their faith and for me are too weak to see the signs of the times and do something about it. Keep up the good work...