Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Carrie Bigotmore and Mamabigot are back!

Last night was a night of serious facepalming. I recently wrote a blog titled Exactly what is a bigot?. The Project’s Carrie Bickmore and Mamamia’s Mia Freedman played starring roles.

Well ladies and gentlemen, the disagreeable duo is at it again. Yesterday, Mamamia posted a blog about an article a Parish Priest wrote in his associated Primary School Newsletter regarding tips and rules to ensure your marriage stays healthy.
You can view the article via this link.
In their article that claimed the whole school community was “horrified” at the Parish Newsletter, Mamamia displayed their typically bigoted characteristics yet again. On last night's The Project, Carrie Bickmore just about had a hernia while attacking Christina Kennedy from Catholic Voices Australia about the contents of the Parish Newsletter. Not that Christina wrote the article, a point Bickmore seemed to realise and acknowledge at the end of her rant.
What I don’t understand is how people like Carrie Bickmore and Mia Freedman champion tolerance and equality whilst also championing how to be an A1 bigot to anyone with an opposing view.
It’s not just the intolerance; it’s the manner in which it is so disrespectfully delivered. Rather than saying something like “with all due respect to the Parish Priest, I can’t accept what he’s written for reasons a, b and c”, it is a blatant anti-faith, discriminative attack. It’s embarrassing and again highlights the potential harm Carrie Bickmore is doing to her reputation as an informed reporter. Surely a good journo remains even tempered when interviewing a guest.
Bickmore's standard argument was that the Church is stuck in the '50s. Maybe if she dug a little deeper and asked why the Church teaches what it does on marriage, (which is a timeless teaching and goes back well beyond the 1950's) she might realise there's a reason the divorce rate has steadily increased since that time.
For the record, I didn’t agree with some of the 15 tips outlined in the Newsletter. I don’t think it is a women’s job to keep tabs on her husband and I don’t think it is her job to provide the bulk of the communication in a marriage. Marriage is a joint effort and husbands and wives must contribute equally to a marriage.
The one “rule” that has been completely fabricated is rule 2. The Newsletter actually says:
No opposite-sex friendships. You can be friends with other couples together, but it’s a terrible idea for you to have a close relationship with anyone of the opposite sex outside of that.
Of course, Bickmore, Freedman and co are “reporting” that the Newsletter said “it’s a terrible idea to have a relationship with anyone of the opposite sex”.
I don’t think many people would be comfortable with their spouse forming a close relationship with someone of the opposite sex. How many drama television shows are centred around affairs and close relationships with the opposite sex? Would you like your husband or wife (wife or husband - to keep the sexist police at bay) flirting with someone at work daily while you were elsewhere?
Back to the outrage at the actual Newsletter, you’d think the logical and adult thing to do would be to simply take the parts you like and leave the bits you don’t, or respectfully disagree. But why be logical when you can be a bigot? Nobody is asking anyone to read the Newsletter and nobody is asking anyone to agree with it.
“Oh but the Newsletter went via the children and I don’t want my children exposed to that sexism and misogyny”.
I struggle to see how a Priest writing an article in his Parish Newsletter is any different to the millions of blogs children can view on the internet, many with severly more harmful content than this article.
Anyone that can comprehend English would realise that the Priest’s article was written with good intentions, even if certain points were seemingly off the mark. You'd have to be fairly bitter to read it and run to Mamamia.
I suspect for Bickmore, Freedman and probably the parents who took offence to the Newsletter, it really comes down to a loathing of the Catholic Church. Rather than crying foul about a well-intentioned article by the local Catholic school’s Parish Priest, perhaps don’t enrol your children in a Catholic school to begin with if you don't want them exposed to the values the Church promotes regarding marriage and other moral issues.
Genuine facepalm.

All the best,
Dom Meese

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