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Tracy Grim...Shaw was

How often do you have a conversation with your mates about abortion? Personally I rarely do. It is one of those topics that seem to carry with it an unwritten rule that it is either too awkward or too deep to have an everyday conversation about.

Meanwhile, the media not so subtly brainwash everyone into thinking that an abortion, even for gender selection reasons, is the right thing to do in certain situations. But hey, let's not talk about it, because it's too deep. Leave it to the media and let's talk about the latest episode of Desperate House-idiots or whatever is on tv.

Tracy Grimshaw interviewed a couple on A Current Affair earlier this week who made the super brave and commendable decision to not abort their baby that has the extremely rare condition of having one body, one skull, but two brains and two faces.

A decent journalist in any interview will ask questions that represent both sides of an issue. However, during this interview, Tracy asked the same question no less than eight times (albeit in eight different ways).

"Did you talk about terminating this pregnancy?"
"Have either of you ever terminated a pregnancy before?"
"So, do you have a moral objection to it? A religious objection to it?"
"Did the doctors advise you to terminate the pregnancy? What reason did he give you?"
"There would be doctors who would be watching you thinking that it would be easier for you to say goodbye to your baby now than it would be to bring this baby into the world and watch it fight for two months and then say goodbye to it. What would you say to those people?"
"If they say to you this baby simply won’t be viable, it can’t be, for whatever reason, what will you do?"
When she decided she'd had enough questioning the parents, she turned on the kids:
"Did you ever think that maybe, you know, your mum and dad should terminate this baby, this pregnancy?"
"You’d never for a minute think that they should have considered terminating this pregnancy?"
She also had enough arrogance to say this to the parents:
"What is it with all the kids?!"
Tracy, if you don't want 8 kids, don't have 8 kids, but mocking those who do was incredibly un-professional, not to mention downright rude. Also, asking the same question repeatedly because you don't like the answer hardy represents a balanced interview. 

The ironic thing is, the story was called "Miracle Baby". You'd think that a miracle baby was a good thing. The story wasn't called "The Damned Baby". Such a miracle that Tracy had to mock the parents for not terminating it.

The interview was captioned with: "Now, how this Mum and Dad where left with a decision no parent should ever face".

What a shame, that it is just said as a matter of fact, that there even is a decision to make. Like the baby is completely irrelevant. Yes people will say that it is cruel to give the baby a pain filled life. Yes they will say that it would be responsible to terminate due to lack of quality of life. That's a dangerous argument though when we start making decisions on who's life is more worthy of living. Are we really in a position to put contingencies on certain lives? To say one person is worth living while another should be dead? 

The response on social media was staggering. People were slandering  the parents with comments such as:

"What selfish, stupid people...Welfare grubs with 7 kids. We will all be paying for it". 
Sorry, who's selfish? 
"Both on welfare. Already a large family. Guess taxpayers will pay for medical on this baby as well". 
If we are 't prepared to pay for a medical system that helps a baby in a situation as extreme as this one, then we might as well not have a medical system at all. When one person provided "disgusting comments" to the above posts, one twit head tweeted:
"Nowhere near as disgusting as this welfare family with 7 children having more."
What happens to the "women's body, women's choice" argument when the women decides to keep the baby? Quite evidently, she gets savaged and mocked by a biased interviewer and ridiculed on social media.

If Tracy Grimshaw had any sympathy, or cared at all about the parents, she might have realised, that potentially, the hardest thing the parents are going through is having to listen to people like herself advising them that their baby shouldn't live.

The predominant argument for abortion centers around women's rights. What about the babies' rights? Every single person reading this blog started out in the womb and every single reader turned out to be humans worthy of living. Every unborn baby has a right to have a crack at life. Who is Tracy Grimshaw to imply otherwise?

Everyone knows it is inherently wrong to murder. Look at the justified outcry at the 11 year old boy who was murdered by his father yesterday. While many will rightly say "he was taken too young", why don't we say this about terminated babies?

The anti-life brigade has been so successful in dehumanising the unborn child (similar to how the Nazi's successfully dehumanised Jews during WWII) that the bulk of society do not see the unborn baby as human but a clump of cells. This argument is hard to justify when you consider that a "clump of cells" has a heartbeat a week or two after a woman knows she is even pregnant and is fully formed around 12 weeks gestation.  A 20 week scan will show you that a baby is not a clump of cells. 

It always amazes me how happy we are when someone posts a 20 week scan on Facebook. And rightly so. Yet, if we want an abortion, the little baby is just a bunch of cells.

You can explain this to people but then the next shield of defence is: "mate, can we talk about something else?" People do not want to face the reality of abortion as it will mean admitting to standing by silently while millions of babies are killed.

It's much easier for the media to avert this shaming and tell us all that abortion is normal and is a women's right that has been fought so hard for. Funny though, every women alive has been given the right to live themselves.

If only Channel 9 decided to air the news for 90 minutes and get rid of ACA altogether if this is the caliber of interviews they are going to air during primetime.

All the best,
Dom Meese

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  1. Very well argued.

  2. It really is sad to see a great journalist lowering herself to such standards. The women I have spoken to who have had abortions regret it and know their suffering will never leave them. It is sad that the media present abortion as the best option when it is destroying the life of the child and mother. What is it going to take to make these journalists realize the destruction they are causing?!

  3. Some great points here Dom ... racy dim shaw is long past her use by date and it will be all downhill for her when 9 wakes up .. therein is the bigger point .. we get the media we deserve!
    The biggest mistake the parents made was talking to the media but if good people stand up when hearing of this story, as you've done here, this opportunity will lead to a turn around ..over time.