Tuesday, 7 January 2014

A little bit of tolerance please

Cory Bernardi is at it again. Shooting from the hip airing his views. Good on him, although I don't agree with all of the quotes the media have pulled from his new book.

Bernardi is the South Australian Liberal backbencher who recently linked same sex marriage to bestiality. Wow did that cause a stir! I agree with the principle behind what he was saying, but I probably wouldn't have put it in those words (Maybe he'd been talking to Peter Singer). 

He was trying to demonstrate that shifting marriage away from heterosexual couples will cause a slippery slope where any couple who claim to be in love should be allowed to get married. If we change the definition of marriage once to accommodate same sex attracted couples, then it follows that we could change it again to accommodate other types of couples.

People who discredit the slippery slope argument are behind the times. It's not a matter of when or if it will happen. It IS happening right now. Only last month, a state judge in Utah struck down key portions of the state’s anti-polygamy law. Similarly, there are pro-pedophile groups such as B4U-ACT and Man-Boy Love Association who lobby to normalise pedophilia

Yesterday, the Australian media jumped all over Bernardi's latest quotes, from his book The Conservative Revolution, on marriage, family and abortion.

Some of these quotes can be seen via this link.

Bernardi's comments sparked outrage from the Federal Opposition, as well as journalists and members of the public. 
Our own Federal Opposition leader doesn't seem to have the best interests of ALL the people at heart with his comments on Monday. Bill Shorten said that Bernardi's views were backward and offensive. Sorry Bill, but just because they differ to your views, it hardly makes them offensive. Are people no longer allowed to have an opinion without being shot down by those who have an alternate point of view?

This latest episode of intolerance by those who seek and preach tolerance, equality and a fair go for all forced me to sit back and realise just how often this actually happens. Here are a few examples of where I have recently come across what I call the hypocrisy of intolerance.

Take this comment by a Facebook user talking about Bernardi's quotes:

My response:

This is a classic example of someone mocking another merely for expressing a different view to his. Sadly this is not the only example. 

Back to Facebook and another example of sheer intolerance by those who don't allow a fair debate. The following two comments came from a picture of a car with traditional marriage stickers on it. The stickers were an opinion that the driver believes marriage should be between a man and a woman. There were many abusive comments aimed at the car owner for expressing his or her views via the stickers. 

My wife Suzie made the following comment sticking up for the car owner in the photo:

One classy response (language alert):

Not sure I entirely follow that comment but it looks as though this person attended the Gen-Y school of tolerance and free speech. "Negative opinions"? Why? Because they don't suit that person's argument. Spare me. Who said anything about Christianity also?

Another example:

Photo courtesy of the GetUp! Facebook page

Freedom of speech is alive and well in Australia. I'm not saying anyone has to agree with Bernardi's coments, but he has every right to view them without having homosexual activists ridicule him and vandalise his property. 

Then there was the banner
 at a marriage equality march in Brisbane last year showing Tony Abbot hanging by a rainbow coloured noose with the caption "Dear Tone, stahp your homophobia or else! Sincerely, de gayz". This from a group who demand tolerance and equality. 

There was the despicable behavior of the pro-choice crowd interrupting a peaceful march of pro-life activists at Melbourne's March for the Babies. Yet another example of a group of people not willing to let their opponents have their say. 

A pro-choice activist slapping MP Bernie Finn in the face for airing his views on abortion.
I could go on and on and on with examples of intolerance by those who preach tolerance. Australia is meant to be a country where freedom of speech is a basic right. 

It seems to me that anyone who states anti-left wing views is immediately shot down, ridiculed or labelled terms such as "backward", "crazies" or "radicals".

It's not only just the left that seem to exercise the hypocrisy of intolerance, although it is in the majority of cases. Many pro-lifers engage in discussion on abortion with an aggressive attitude toward those that differ in opinion. While I am very much pro-life and will always argue that abortion is wrong, I am also very much pro-non-judgement and pro-sympathy. Many women that have been through the extremely difficult situation of abortion need sympathy, empathy, potentially guidance, love and above all else, to not feel as though they are going to be backed into a corner by pro-lifers ready to judgmentally scorn them if they do open up about their experiences. From conversations I've had with some women, they want to be able to talk about it without fear of backlash from pro-lifers. This is extremely important in order to help ease the pain of their decision and help them learn from the experience. Aggressively labelling woman as murderers and damning them to hell only turns them away further and adds to the guilt and pain.

So while not everyone will agree with Cory Bernardi's views, good on him for standing up and having his say.

All the best,
Dom Meese

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