Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Lingerie Football League - Subjects or objects?

So the Legends Football League has hit Australia. Sorry kids, it's not a league full of your favourite footy legends playing in a summer promotional competition (gee that would be better). It's a bunch of women dressed in lingerie trying their best to act like men.

Sexploitation has come to Australia with our very own version of America's (where else but there) Lingerie Football League. It's a competition where only attractive women are allowed to play and they are only allowed to wear lingerie and protective padding. They run and crash into each other and carry on like macho men while the actual men, many having left their wives at home for the night, pay an admission fee to sit smugly in the stands and perve on the women. Apparently this is called a "sport".

The justifications for this "sport" are flawed at best. Firstly, sport is about two sides competing in a game with a view to win. It attracts supporters of both sides hoping to see their side triumph. How many people, especially men, actually care who wins and loses in a lingerie football match? 

People attempt to justify it as saying it is a sporting competition between however many teams in the league. Seriously, if it is truly a sporting competition, why do they have to wear lingerie? 
It has very little to do with sport.

People try and justify it by saying, "Oh, don't be a prude, it's just a bit of fun". How many women find it fun to know their husbands/partners/boyfriends are perving on attractive women in lingerie?

Liberal feminist groups explain that it is a good thing for women to express themselves sexually. "It is truly liberating to have the confidence to express yourself and your sexuality." I'd love a dollar for every time I've heard that. So is this "sport" actually about winning and losing or more about sex and sexualisation of women?

Being a bloke, I thought I'd ask my wife what she thought. Her opinion was interesting to say the least. I'll quote her:

"I feel sorry for these women, because they're being swindled. Brainwashed into believing it's liberating and fun to express their sexuality in this way, with an "if you've got it, flaunt it" narcissistic approach. They find the attention they receive empowering and their egos soar, no doubt. All under the guise of being strong, modern women who are confident in their sexual selves.
But I believe they are deluded, because while the attention may initially be fun, what they're really receiving is lustful looks from men who see them as nothing but objects to be exploited for their pleasure. Visual and otherwise.
The men won't be watching these women and thinking "I respect her as my equal." Instead they're thinking: "she's a pretty thing for me to use". The men aren't there for the sport. They're there for a guilt free, socially acceptable perve. Plain and simple. And that brings us women, our worth and our dignity, down into the gutter. I doubt a man would attend a game, perving and joking with his mates if one of the players was his daughter or his mother."

Ironic isn't it! The whole sorry saga is portrayed as women expressing themselves, yet one woman I asked finds it degrading to women.

Every woman that plays in this league is attractive, or perceived to be attractive (I guess it depends what tickles your fancy). How does this affect women that may be talented enough to play the sport but are rejected based on their looks? It is sending a very clear message to women that looks are paramount. Looks in this case trump sporting ability. Our society already has a problem with body image. Many women go to extreme and often fatal lengths to be thin and look like photo-shopped, magazine cover girls. Lingerie football is only fuelling this problem.

How about the average girl who watches the sport, witnesses thousands of men ogling and perving on women, and starts to believe the only way to a man's heart is to lower herself, via provocativeness, to become an object for a man's pleasure? Women are the equal of men, not their objects. Men and women are equal in worth and dignity and were created to compliment each other.

In my opinion, there is nothing attractive about this sport. In fact I find it to be a huge turn off. A beautiful woman to me is classy, sophisticated and modest. She doesn't feel the need to try and act like a man to truly find herself and her identity. She will be the equal of a man in her feminine ways. She doesn't feel the need to be sexy and provocative to be attractive. She will shine through her personality, which will last a lot longer than her looks. She doesn't feel the need to crave attention to feel loved and respected. She will receive love and respect by being humble and modest. That's why I married my wife.

All the best,
Dom Meese


  1. I definitely agree with you Dom. I've seen this "sport" on the television and always thought that it was wrong for these reasons:
    1) They're women who are trying to be men which is not even apart of their nature (you could say that they're overreaching). They're trying to be strong which is not the role of a woman.
    2) They are wearing ridiculous outfits. I knew at the first sight that they weren't even competing against each other but were merely trying to attract men.
    3) They're trying to be strong like men and

    Suzie, it's so true that a man would not go to see his mother or daughter play. That's a great point.
    Great blog Dom! I can't wait for the next ones!

    1. Thanks Cate! I agree, with your points, not that my blog was great!

  2. Looks in this case trump sporting ability. Our society already has a problem with body image. Many women go to extreme and often fatal lengths to be thin and look like photo-shopped, magazine cover girls. Lingerie football is only fuelling this problem. lingerie

    1. Completely agree Elizabeth. Thanks for the comment.