Monday, 2 December 2013

Let's set the record straight on the Abbott hating

I find it curious, when we were subjected to the entertaining events of the Kevin Rudd/Julia Gillard soap opera, the majority of Australians were calling for a change in government. Heck, even the previous government's own supporters, along with its left wing media supporters, were jumping ship.

Since then, Tony Abbott won the election in a canter, giving the people of Australia the government they had long called for. If there was ever going to be a time for the left wing media to agree with their right wing colleagues on politics, you'd think it'd be now. Y
et the left wing media are shooting at will at the Abbott government at every half chance. In fact in the majority of cases, half chance would is a gross exaggeration. It wouldn't be so bad if they had something to base their attacks on. 

Here are but a few recent examples. You only need to open a Fairfax paper on any given day to find a whole lot more.

Mark Kenny's recent article in the Sydney Morning Herald seemingly criticising Prime Minister Abbott for receiving a Second Class degree at Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar. Here is the first sentence of an article I wasted two minutes of my time reading:

Tony Abbott was not the best student at Oxford University when he was enrolled there as a Rhodes Scholar in the 1980s, but he did finish.
I'm not sure what qualifications Mark Kenny has, but I'd be willing to bet he doesn't have better than a Second Class degree at Oxford University as a Rhodes Scholar. If he does, his article looks even worse.

The criticism of Joe Hockey's rejection of the takeover of GrainCorp. Out of 131 foreign takeovers that have been reviewed by the Foreign Investment Review Board under the current government, this is the only one that has been rejected. And for good reason too. The proposed purchaser of GrainCorp, US company Archer Daniels Midland (ADM), has a history of corruption, price fixing and has been accused of causing great harm to local farmers.

Joe Hockey's reasons for rejecting the takeover was that he believed it would be detrimental to local Australian farmers in terms of their ability to utilise storage and ports. His reasoning was based on concerns raised by Australian farmers themselves. Sounds pretty reasonable given ADM's history and the fact that our farmers themselves are concerned. But don't let Fairfax Media stop telling you Joe Hockey buckled under the pressure of the Nationals!

Heath Ashton, Political Reporter at the Sydney Morning Herald, wrote on this issue on 30 November 2013. His catch-cry was:

But National Party joy at the torpedoed takeover by Archer Daniels Midland could not mask white-hot anger among sections of the Liberal Party at Mr Hockey's decision on Friday.
White-hot anger within the Liberal Party? He didn't quote a single Federal Liberal Party member in the article who was "incensed" at the decision!

The Abbott government has been under scrutiny regarding the Indonesian spying saga and the boat people dilemma. Prime Minister Abbott has been criticised for the decline in relations between Australia and Indonesia. Let's remember, the spying event took place under Kevin Rudd's watch (pardon the pun).

Like plenty of other issues Prime Minister Abbott has inherited, he is left to pick up the previous government's pieces and put it all back together, whilst copping a media barrage for good measure. If only K Rudd had decided to "zip" a little earlier, Abbott might not have as many headaches as he currently does. Carbon tax, mining tax, border protection, Indonesia....

It seems the Prime Minister has already begun putting the boat people pieces together. 207 people reached our shores in November this year. This was in comparison to the 2,630 that came last November under Julia Gillard's watch.

Peter Hartcher, political editor at (you guessed it) the Sydney Morning Herald had this to say in an article dated 30 November 2013:
What is the point of the Abbott government? ... The polls suggest that the electorate is asking the question; the government’s public behaviour suggests it doesn’t yet have an answer.
Andrew Bolt's take:
Which polls? The Newspoll which has the Government 52 to 48 ahead of Labor? Or the Essential Media poll which has it ahead by even more - 53 to 47?
It's staggering that after three years of complete inept Labor leadership, the left wing media are striving to attack the Abbott government on unsubstantiated claims. Meanwhile, the Prime Minister is yet to make a serious mistake. As they say, bitterness is a hard pill to swallow. There's no shortage of bitterness at the result of the recent Federal Election.

All the best,
Dom Meese

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  1. I couldn't agree more. Another recent issue that has highlighted Fairfax's ridiculous bias is the criticism of Julie Bishop's handling of China's recent claim to the East China Sea. America's response to China's aggression was to fly two B-52 bombers through the airspace, Japan responded by intentionally diverting passenger flights through the airspace and yet Julie Bishop merely registered concern with Chinese diplomats. Despite the obvious fact that China's muscle flexing is completely out of anyone in the Australian government's control this is somehow another example of how "foreign policy is not the strong suit of the Abbott Government" (according to the SMH and The Age that is...). What planet are they on?