Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Susie O'Brien on retrospective politicians

I, like the majority of Australians, found the whole Julia Gillard/Kevin Rudd fiasco both pathetic, yet interesting. It was like a horror movie. You don't want to look but you can't help but watch.

In 2010, when Julia Gillard knifed K Rudd in the back, it was obviously huge news. In 2013, when Rudd returned serve, after months, actually, years of speculation regarding his leadership position at the ALP, it became a train wreck.
 Both PMs are probably remembered most for things they'd rather not be. Rudd and his indecision over whether to challenge for the Labor leadership. His major role in the division of his party and the corny one liners like "fair shake of the sauce bottle mate", or, "together we can start cooking with gas". Gillard and her backflip on her carbon tax promise. Her ridiculous accusations of misogyny against Tony Abbott. 

I was going to write a piece on how easy it is for past leaders to retrospectively excuse their prior poor leadership. I was planning on writing it tonight until I read Susie O'Brien's article in the Herald Sun today. I can't say it better than she did, so I thought I'd just post her article!


If you can't find three extra minutes to read the article, the following are the parts I think Susie hit out of the ball park.
"She should have been so much better than the man she knifed in the back for the top job that the reasons were evident. Her performance and dominance in the polls should have told the story for her. However, we needed an explanation because we were mystified why one poorly performing prime minister was outed by someone who wasn't doing any better." 
"Bring in good laws that make the lives of the average Australian better. Be worthy of the office you hold and don't forget it's a great privilege. Be honest, truthful and inspiring. And at all times, say what you mean, and mean what you say."
After six years of political rubbish, let's hope we can look back on Tony Abbott's leadership and label it as "honest, truthful and inspiring". 

All the best,
Dom Meese

*Photo courtesy of John Coyle on Flickr

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