Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Hello all and welcome to My Piece!

I have never written a blog before and, to be frank, hardly ever read any! However, I have been thinking about starting a blog for awhile mainly as a hobby as well as a means of getting some thoughts off my chest (I can only bore my wife so much).

I attended a conference yesterday (Catholic New Media Conference) which centred on how to use social media, podcasting, blogging and the like in an efficient and purposeful way. Fair to say my idea of a blog was solidified yesterday! For the record, it was a fantastic conference.

As this is my first post, I feel it is necessary to provide some details about myself, as well as outline how I plan to use this blog.

I'm a 30 year old husband to my beautiful wife and father to my super cute, new born son. I'm a massive golf fan, healthily addicted to footy and cricket, love to bet on sport, love live music and take my catholic faith seriously. I don't mind having an opinion on federal politics but find state politics boring (state politics is like following the VFL instead of the AFL. Why would you?).

I hope to use this blog broadly to share my thoughts on certain current affairs of the week, information on events I have been to, perhaps even provide some advice on domestic issues (for example, how to try and stop your new born crying at 4am when you know he has a dirty nappy but can't be bothered changing it. Well maybe not that exact example but you get the picture).

All the best, 
Dom Meese

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