Sunday, 8 September 2013

What a night!

2010: "It gets worse. Gillard knifed Kevin'07."
2007: "Oh man, Kevin '07 is in."

2013: "I am going to cry. Kevin '07 is back."
2013: "Ooohh, you said Abbott won??"

It's election weekend and footy finals are in the air. What a night! Abbott in and Collingwood out!! It surely doesn't get much better than that.

Hopefully we are no longer subjected to inter-party fighting, party leaders knifing each other in the back and phrases such as "fair suck of the sauce bottle" and "together, we can start cooking with gas". Eddie McGuire will still be with us in his usual commentary roles during the remainder of the finals series but his beloved Pies are gone so we can be glad to hear no more Collingwood bias.

For many Australian businesses, especially in the manufacturing game, the end of the election marks a welcome return to business. The lenghty and, in my opinion, cringful election campaign is over and they can now focus on moving forward with some level of certainty.

Let's hope Tony Abbott can lead a unified government and help grow the Australian economy with a weakening mining industry. Interest rates are still at record lows and the housing sector is rebounding from a recent national slump. The manufacturing and retail spaces will be hoping to pick up some of the pieces of the painful short term past and we hope to see the beginning of an eradication of the hefty debt the Coalition inherited from the Rudd government. Let's hope the Abbott government will find suitable solutions to big issues such as asylum seekers and education.

How will they go? Only time will tell.

All the best,
Dom Meese

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