Tuesday, 19 April 2016


This has been awhile coming but couldn't actually get myself up to pen it, until now.

After more than two years running this blog, it's time to call it a day! Writing about topical issues, especially ethical ones can become pretty damn depressing (especially on limited sleep) and I think it's time I read a few more fiction books, watched a bit more sport (is that possible?) and spent more time chasing the kids around the house rather than dedicating hour after hour to a 7.9x5.3 inch screen. 

That being said, I've had an absolute blast writing this blog and have met some really good people due to it. I've also learnt a hell of a lot and discovered a real passion for staying abreast news and challenging the status quo on topical, difficult, argument provoking issues. 

I'm going to leave the page up for anyone who might happen to stumble across anything I've written. Unsure as to whether I'll keep posting sound bite pieces from the Facebook and Twitter pages. 

To all those who have supported this page and helped me learn how to put thoughts on to paper, thank you. Especially Maree McMenamin in the early stages and Monica Doumit in the latter stages. Also my sister Maddy who always provided words of wisdom and logic. And finally to my chief editor (only editor in truth) my super wife, Suz. Out of the 82 pieces I have written on this site, I'm guessing all but three were posted after Suz's patient editing. During each post I'd read her pretty much every paragraph as soon as I had written it and then the entire post in total at least a couple of times once it was done! She never pushed me away or got annoyed and always listened and provided advice from the perspective of a reader. Thank you. 

Who knows what the future holds, I still have an ambition to write. On what and in what capacity, who knows. 

Hope you've enjoyed the blog and don't be afraid to voice your views! It's what makes our society interesting. 

All the best. 

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Is Europe opening its doors to terrorists?

Hundreds of thousands of humans are fleeing the Middle East for Europe. How many of them are potential terrorists? 

The picture of a washed up 3 year old boy on a beach in Turkey has the world talking about the biggest mass-movement of humans the world has seen since World War 2. 

Former Prime minister Tony Abbot announced last week that Australia would accept 12,000 refugees from terrorist plagued Syria.  

To many, this is not enough. For others, it's 12,000 lives saved. To me, it's potentially thousands of terrorists provided free passes into our country.  

Monday, 7 September 2015

Safety zones around abortion clinics?

"Violent" protesters outside an abortion clinic

The Daniel Andrews government is on the verge of passing legislation that would create 150 meter “safe access” zones around abortion clinics in Victoria. This apparently is in response to groups of largely silent protesting pro-life groups who station themselves outside abortion clinics. 

For the record, I don't really like the idea of these groups of protesters, silent or otherwise, standing outside abortion clinics. Something about it doesn't sit well with me, no more than it would if groups of Satanists silently protested outside Sunday churches. But horses for courses and there are many stories of women who have forgone abortions based on the various other options given them by these silent protesters.

Friday, 4 September 2015

Grow up Kyrgios!

Unless you've had your head under a sporting rock, you'd have heard a bit about Australian tennis player Nick Kyrgios. Loaded with extreme talent, he has attracted harsh criticism world wide for his petulant antics and dummy spits both on and off the court.

Broken racquets, abused umpires and tanking games have been standard procedure in recent months. This is hardly new in tennis but was taken to another level recently when Kyrgios sledged double Grand Slam winner Stan Wawrinka with a comment about his mate "banging" Wawrinka's girlfriend.

Friday, 28 August 2015

What do we stand for?

I've always considered creating a satirical blog. One that takes the piss out of the mess Western society is in. You know, talk about how every white person is racist, anyone who disagrees with you is an offensive bigot, or that even though I am biologically a man, if I feel like a woman, you WILL recognise me as a woman. 

Maybe I could start with this: 

"A charity fun run that invited men to dress up as women is being investigated by police after a transgender charity claimed the dress code constituted a hate crime."

Wouldn't be a bad start except for the fact it's not satire. This is the leading sentence of this article in The Telegraph earlier this week. 

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Boooo to the media for hijacking footy

After a couple of months off blogging, I'm back. Truth be told, with two kids under two, little sleep and a busy job, I needed some time to not worry about news and views and instead spend some time with my kids. Some of that was spent teaching my eldest how to swing a golf club in the backyard whilst lamenting the fact I can no longer swing a club on the course (ironically mainly due to the littIe mate I was teaching how to play).

In all honesty, lately I just couldn't be bothered putting pen to paper (fingertip to iPad). But the motivation is back and I thought I'd start with something I'm most passionate about (although becoming increasingly less so as the months roll on). 


Monday, 15 June 2015

Keeping friends who have kids

Following my piece called "Having kids and keeping friends", Monica provides an insightful piece on the same issue from the perspective of a single woman with friends who are having kids. Enjoy and share!

In the piece posted up on Dom Meese - My Piece! on Saturday, Dom wrote about how having two young children has affected his friendships, and particularly, the amount of time and energy he can devote to maintaining them.

Interestingly, at the time he was sending this out, I was catching up with my best friend and we were discussing this very topic. She has children about the same age as Dom's (ie, two kids under the age of two), and was talking about how some of her closest friendships have changed since she became a mum.

Saturday, 13 June 2015

Having kids and keeping friends

I'm struggling with something. I'm grappling with the past.

It's not a mid life crisis, it's more of a "oh my goodness I blinked and my life has been turned upside down" crisis.

Monday, 1 June 2015

Marriage equality is a lie

The pressure is mounting on Australia to follow Ireland's lead to legalise same sex marriage. Many claim we are one of the remaining countries stuck in the ice age of traditional marriage. We're a bunch of rednecks stuck in the past according to one caller on Neil Mitchell's 3AW program last week.

In actual fact, currently 19 countries worldwide have legalised same sex "marriage" while 177 have not.

Geez, the majority of countries must be anti-progressive, bigoted, homophobic, redneck haters! I mean, why would the majority of countries in the world seriously refuse marriage to two people who are in love? They want to be married just like everyone else...or do they?

Saturday, 30 May 2015

Is Adam Goodes the face of reverse racism?

It’s indigenous round in the AFL but Adam Goodes has once again mistaken it to be Adam Goodes round. Rather than collectively partaking in a celebration of the many indigenous players involved in our great game, Goodes, as he’s done on numerous occasions, has ensured the major talking point is himself.

Friday, 29 May 2015

How to make women feel safer

Monica provides some thoughts on how we can make each other feel safer in public, particularly at night. 

We’ve heard a bunch of commentary in the past few weeks about how women can be safer when they are out and about, particularly by themselves.   

The conversation isn’t new.  

That women feel and are unsafe outside the home - and tragically, inside it - comes of no surprise to anyone (well, at least not to women). 

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Happy about the proposed changes to paid Parental Leave?

Until recently, the federal budget held as much interest to me as NRL does (that is, next to none!). Then I got married, inherited a mortgage and had two kids. When the federal budget came out last week, I was interested.

One of the major talking points has been the proposed 
$3.5 billion Jobs for Families Package which would alter the Paid Parental Leave ("PPL") scheme, childcare subsidies and family welfare for single income parents.